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At Royal Taxi Club we are committed to providing you taxi insurance at a reasonable cost.
With over 5 years of experience in the Rideshare industry, trust us to take care of your vehicle and your business.

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Insurance for taxis is essentially commercial auto insurance coverage for vehicles that are utilised by businesses that create income from transporting individuals.

It is put in place to ensure the safety of taxi drivers, their vehicles, and travellers. Driving a cab carries a number of additional dangers within the eyes of insurance agencies, so finding the proper arrangement is crucial. It’s critical to have legitimate taxi cab protections that covers your vehicle against damage and burglary, as well as individual harm to you and your passengers

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At Royal Taxi Club, we provide support and protection to our members throughout the time of their membership.
All our work is honest, reliable and also transparent. What you see is what you get.


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Royal Taxi Club members can enjoy the benefits of the club during their membership.
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    Royal Taxi Club understands the importance of making sure you and your taxi business are protected. That’s why we work to find you the best tax insurance coverage at an affordable rate. Find out how we can help you by requesting a taxi insurance quote online or by giving us a call.